Motioncube Software
for Interactive Device and App Designers

Use ready-made packages of games and activities or design completely new ones.
Customize the appearance of the software to suit your business needs.
Create your interactive device and freely manage it under your own brand.

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Create your Interactive Floor with Motioncube in 3 steps

  • First step

    Download Motioncube Player

    Download Player on your computer or interactive device. Motioncube Player is available immediately and free of charge. It allows you to launch applications, configure templates, and manage your devices.

    Find out more about Motioncube Player.

  • Second step

    Choose or create your games

    Motioncube Player includes app store with interactive modules, application templates and many games that allow you to build content tailored to the needs of the most demanding users.

    • Buy a template
    • Upload your own content
    • Share the application with your customers

  • Third step

    Choose the interactive device

    With Motioncube Player you can create an interactive floor, wall or interactive table.

    Configure your interactive device based on our guide. Looking for ready device? Check here.

One Player for various devices and interactions

Try templates and apps for free

Pay for a template or app once - get forever, no subscription

Different ways to interact with app on the floor

Motioncube Player allows you to interact with application in many ways, directly on the projection area.
Each application shall have a dedicated interaction method.


Interactive pens

Interactive robots

Pictures blocks

For interactive whiteboards, computers, and touch screens

you can choose to operate either via keyboard and mouse or by touch for games dedicated to PCs

Create your own games

Use the app templates available in the Motioncube Application Store and create unique interactive games. Design animations for business customers or games, quizzes for children. With Motioncube software you can prepare a presentation, language course, and even a set of applications for rehabilitation.

See templates

O nas

Poznaj niezwykłe rozwiązania interaktywne dla edukacji!

Sprawdź nasze aplikacje w sklepie i przetestuj interaktywne oprogramowanie edukacyjne Motioncube.

Operatorem platformy Motioncube jest LavaVision - polska firma z długoletnim doświadczeniem w rozwoju systemów interaktywnych.


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